South Asian Photo 101: Tasveer Gallery and Journal

South Asian Photo 101 is a set of blog post designed to explore all the basics one needs to know to have a general understanding of photography in South Asia from artist to art galleries and festivals.

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Swapan Nayak


Tasveer Gallery

Tasveer Gallery opened in 2006 and has created a network of galleries throughout India, including – Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Ahmedabad. They host exhibitions by established and up and coming artists, as well as, vintage photography from the sub-continent.

This year Tasveer hosted six exhibitions including a solo exhibition by Swapan Nayak, 19th century photos by Bourne and Shepherd, photographs from the Deepak Puri Collection, vintage prints by Jyoti Bhatt, vintage photograph of Maharanis (royal women), and a group show featuring artists that have been included in the Tasveer Journal. These artists are – Verena Hanschke and Floriana Gavriel, Ryan Lobo, Puja Jain, Amirtharaj Stephens, Mahesh Shantaram, Nayantara Gurung Kakshapati, Vasantha Yogananthan, Karan Kapoor, Max Pinckers, Francois Daireaux, Avani Tanya, Manjari Sharma, Nishant Shukla, Fabien Charuau and Nikhil D., Aparna Jayakumar, Julia Knop, Jannatul Mawa, Cop Shiva, Anna Fox, and Krishna Tumalapalli.


Amirtharaj Stephens


Avani Tanya


Fabien Charuau and Nikhil D.

Sleeping Beauties

Krishna Tumalapalli


The artists they represent are both Indian and non-Indian. A few of the artists are Christopher Taylor (England), Fawzan Husain (Indian), Maimouna Guerresi (Italy), Prashant Panjiar (India), and Micheal Kenna (England). The rest of the artists can be viewed at Tasveer Gallery.


Christopher Taylor


Fawzan Husain


Maimouna Guerresi


Prashant Panjiar


Micheal Kenna



Tasveer Journal

Tasveer also runs an online journal, which is a useful resource. The articles present a wide range of artists and photographic themes. I have beceom aware of much new work through this resource. A few of my favorite projects found in the journal are – Karan Vaid’s The Indian Dog show project, the photographs have a real sense of humor. The Magic Slum by Thomas Vanden Driessche, the work gives the outsider a new perspective on slums in India. And, Manou’s Wearabouts, teh photographs show the great diversity of fashion in India from traditional to couture.


Dog Shows in India (2013-2015)

Karan Vaid

Magic Slum

Thomas Vanden Driessche



To read these articles and explore all that is there go to Tasveer Journal.

In addition to the gallery and journal Tasveer has an online bookstore you can check it out at Tasveer Bookstore.

I hope this post has given you a new resource and many new photographers to explore.


This blog post was written by me alone. Tasveer Gallery did not ask me in any way to write about the gallery, journal or bookstore.





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