Travel Photography Tips is a section giving a variety of advice for using photography while traveling. The usual advice goes something like this, “the best camera is the one you have with you” or “use only your cell phone”.  Both are useful tips, but this section will go beyond that.

The camera on your cell phone can be useful for more than just taking photos for your Facebook or Instagram accounts. While traveling last year and this year I have used my cell phone camera to act as bread crumbs so that I can find my way back to where I am staying.


Varanasi, 2015

Last year in Varanasi, I was staying just off of one of the main ghats. There was no way I was going to remember which one. So, when I stepped out onto the ghat I turned around and took a photograph. The name of the Ghat was written on the wall. This is true of all of the Ghat’s in Varanasi. From this I knew the name of the Ghat and the exact stairs I needed to take to get back to where I was staying.

On my recent trip to Kathmandu, I photographed my walk through the neighborhood I was staying in. The neighborhood is just off the Ring Road (the road that circles the Kathmandu Valley). I photographed the entrance to the neighborhood. At the entrance there is a bus stop and it had the name of the neighborhood written on it in Nepali and English. Then I photographed each spot where I had to turn a corner. Thus, I never lost my way. Last year I stayed in the same place and I had gotten lost. Having the name of the neighborhood in a photograph was also helpful when I had problems communicated with taxi drivers.

Just something to think about while traveling. Here in Udaipur I run in to tourists all the time who are lost and I got lost here too when I first got here.

Happy Travels and Happy Photoing!


Bus Stop at Ring Road (main road), 2016


First fork in the road, must stay right.


Stay right here as well.


Enter through the blue gate.


Go left at the purple house.


Follow the brick walls.


Up the hill towards the small temple.


Finally take a left at the blue gate.