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Welcome to South Asian Photo! A blog dedicated to the photographic arts of South Asia including Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka. The purpose is to give an overview of photography in South Asia from the 19th century to the present. Through a variety of blog posts different topics are examined. Some blog posts cover historical information like photographers biographies and analysis of individual photographs while other blog posts discuss the practice of photographers with narratives by both me, Betsy the blog writer, and other photographers. When possible exhibition reviews and book reviews are published to give an idea of the current trends in what types of photography are being exhibited and what type of work is being researched. The purpose is to be as comprehensive as possible to explore the different people and ways photography is being explored in the region.

  1. Introduce readers to the variety of photography in South Asia from the 19th century to the present.
  2. Engage readers with the history, theory and practices of photography in South Asia.
  3. Give an understanding on how to analyze a photograph based on the elements and principles of design.
  4. Provide resources for the understanding of photographic practice, photographic criticism and photographic writing.
  5. Provide a space for sharing ideas about photography and its practices.
  6. Inform readers of the larger photo arts communities in South Asia and beyond.
  7.  Inspire readers to make photographs, look at more photographs, and do a little research on their own!

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