An exhibition review is a unique type of writing. It covers a collection of works exhibited in a museum or gallery. The works might be by a single artist or by many artists working with a similar theme. For starters, it is important to include the exhibition information such as the title, dates of the show, artist or artists, name of museum or gallery, and mediums.

Depending on the how well-known the artist(s) is or the type of publication the review is being published in you may need to include a little background information on them. However, if you are discussing Ansel Adams, many people know about his work so the background information may be less important. As far as school assignments go, I was always told to assume my readers did not know anything about the subject. So, if you are writing for a class I would include the background information.

From here, you will want to give a description of the overall exhibition. The description might include the number of works in the show, the lighting (if it is unusual), how the exhibition is installed (i.e. the photographs are framed and matted or mounted on metal or work on pedestals), the sizes of the work, and what a few of the works look like.

Next, you want to provide an analysis. An analysis is going to describe how the pieces work together. For example, are the photographs in a grid or line on the wall, are the works installed in chronological order or are they group in another way? How do each of the parts add up to a whole and what is the message of the exhibition?

Lastly, you want to give an evaluation. For an evaluation, you want to tell the reader if you thought the exhibition was worth attending. What where the strengths of the exhibition and what were its weaknesses.

I think it is okay to interject some of you own style. You will notice that the opening paragraphs of my examples include an adventure. When I wrote these reviews I was based in Dallas, Texas and had traveled to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Dhaka, Bangladesh. So, in both reviews, I talk about my adventure traveling to the exhibitions. I think it is important to add an element of adventure because some readers might not see the value in attending an exhibition or think it is dull. My introductions provide a hook to get the reader to continue reading.