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“Due to the conjunction
of the senses with their objects,
that which in the beginning resembles the immortal
But in the end
seems like poison –
that happiness is understood to be the nature of rajas.”

-Lord Krishna
The Bhagavad Gita

Rajasthan, a state in Northern India is a place filled with fantasy and wonder for those who visit or see photographs. The city of Udaipur is particularly beautiful and romantic. It is a place that has seeped into my bones. Upon first visiting Udiapur in 2015, I never thought I would call the place home. However, as life twists and turns opportunities open and romance develops. In the end, I was in Rajasthan for less time than expected, one year.

However, the multitude of experiences that I had while I was there have taught me important life lessons. Southern Rajasthan and the people I met there have fundamentally changed me as a person and have altered the way I view the world, my core values and the person I want to be. These digital images are an homage to the lessons learned in this place and the people who taught them to me.

Though these photographs are seemingly fun and colorful, as the good times are what we photograph. A closer look reveals the one aspect of the adventure that caused me much pain and I wish she never existed at all. However, without her exists I would never have had any of these experiences and as I was told, “there are some things in life you must go through, there is a lesson you have to learn.”

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